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You'll find candle making instructions - tips, how to's and advice for candlemakers of all skill levels. Follow proper instructions to assure a safe candle making experience and tips on cleaning up your messes. Be sure to read this information thoroughly before you begin making your candle.

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You will need to familiarize yourself with wax. The majority of candle making instructions require the use of liquefied wax. So you will need to be conscious of all the possible hazards and how to handle them if they should happen.

Making Candles at Home - Precautions & Techniques:

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The safest way to melt wax is to use a double boiler. The only disadvantage to using one is that it will probably not allow the wax to heat above 212 degrees F (100 degrees C), which is fine for most candle making. However, some candle waxes need to be heated above this temperature. This will require you to use an uncovered saucepan. If using the uncovered pan melting method it is VERY IMPORTANT not to leave the wax unattended. When raising the temperature, be sure to do it slowly. Constantly monitor the wax with your thermometer to be certain it does not heat to a flammable temperature.

Wax behaves much like cooking oils, when at temperatures below 212 degrees F it is relatively safe and does not have the potential to ignite into flames. When wax reaches higher temperatures it turns into vapors that are extremely flammable. If your wax catches on fire be sure to do the following: Turn off the heat immediately and cover the flames with a moist cloth or a saucepan lid. Do not use water to distinguish the flames, and do not attempt to move the flaming pan.

Be sure to wear old clothes when making candles. Move or cover all the rugs and carpets near your candle making workspace. Do not discard your liquid wax down the sink or drain because as it cools it will harden and cause your drains to block.

If you should spill wax you will want to wait for it to cool and harden before you try to clean the wax. If you spill wax on your clothes or on your carpet you can scrape off as much as possible, and then remove the residue by placing a paper towel over it and pressing it with your iron. The wax will transfer from the clothes or carpet to the paper towel.

Spilling wax on wood is very easy to clean up, just scrape the wax from the wood and then use a soft cloth to wipe off the remains. If you spill wax on metal or plastic, place whatever it is into hot water and let the wax melt away.

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