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With the arrival of more sophisticated technology, purchasing a home embroidery machine or monogramming machine is now an affordable option. Once, a home embroidery machine was priced out of the reach of the average individual. However, now they are affordable, easy to use and allow you to create professional looking pieces at home.

When you are ready to buy your embroidery machine, or monogramming machine, you will have a few decisions to make. First you will need to decide what type of machine you want and need. Do you want an embroidery machine, or an embroidery sewing machine? An embroidery sewing machine is a sewing machine with embroidery and monogramming capabilities. You will also need to review the different available features and decide which ones suite your needs. Below are a few things you will need to think about before you by a home embroidery machine.

Define your embroidery needs

Entrepreneur: If you are an entrepreneur, your work is sold to the general public. You will want to be able to stitch large embroidery areas in one hooping. You will also want complete design freedom that comes with the use of a specialized embroidery software package. In this case, a commercial embroidery machine would work best for you. A home embroidery machine would not be able to provide you with the features and speed you need and handle the volume.

Embroidery Artist: If you are an embroidery artist you are most interested in the freedom to create your own custom embroidery designs. You will, of course, also want the ability to use prepackaged designs. Look for a machine that offers either a computer software package or a scanner system that digitizes your line drawings. A smart thing to do is to check and see if independent designers support your software.

Crafter: If you are a crafter, chances are that you already own a sewing machine that meets your needs, and would like to add embroidery capabilities. In this case, either look for a stand-alone embroidery machine or upgrade to a combination sewing and embroidery machine.

Types of machines

Commercial: This is the big time! Commercial embroidery machines offer multiple needles that let you thread all the colors for you design at one time before starting work on your piece. Other models have multiple heads that let you stitch the same design on several garments simultaneously. These machines are also supported by advanced computer software packages that allow great design capabilities.

Combination: Combination machines offer the sewing capabilities of a regular sewing machine plus they embroider with the addition of a separate embroidery unit attached to

Embroidery only: These machines are designed for embroidery only. You can not sew using one of these. If you have one of these and want to sew, you will need to buy a stand alone sewing machine. If you have the room in your workspace, this is just as convenient as owning a combination machine.

When shopping for your home embroidery machine don't overlook the great buys to be had when shopping for used. A gently used embroidery machine is just as good as a new one.

Embroidery software

Commercial software : This type of software offers you complete control when designing your embroideries.

Machine-specific software: You will find that most embroidery machine companies have their own software for use with their machines. Your designs can be scanned by using any scanner type that works with your computer system. They can then be imported into your software program and used as a template.

Independent-vendor software: This type of software is an add-on package. It can expand you capabilities by working with, or along side your machine-specific software.


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