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Melco embroidery machines are a sound investment. When it comes to quality embroidery equipment Melco is a smart choice. It is a company that has developed a legacy of constant innovation since its beginning.

Embroidery Machine

Since their inception in 1973, Melco Embroidery Systems has been an industry leader in complete embroidery solutions for the home and business. In addition to high-end, state-of-the-art machines, Melco also offers digitizing software, embroidery supplies, and training.

Melco embroidery machines and software are engineered and manufactured in the United States. Few companies today can say that. Melco is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Switzerland based Oerlikon Saurer, which is the world's largest textile machine manufacturer with over 150 years of experience.

Melco Embroidery Machines

Melco embroidery machines are not available directly from the Melco company direct to consumers. However if you visit their website, you can find a sales representative near you. Their site is helpful and easy to navigate. If you would rather contact their headquarters, they are located at 1575 West 124 th Avenue in Denver, Colorado, 80234 (phone: 303-457-1234, fax: 303-252-0508).

Are you a novice embroiderer thinking about starting your own business? Want to get into an industry where there is opportunity for growth? Are you looking for affordable start-up costs? Embroidery may be the business for you. Embroidery is a fast growing industry. Individuals and corporations alike just can't seem to get enough custom embroidered caps, jackets, shirts, gifts, and more. There has never been a better time to be part of this booming market. Melco's website also offers detailed information on how to go about starting your own embroidery business. Their embroidery systems let you start your business at a size that is right for you and expand it as your profits expand. You can literally start with one embroidery machine and build from there.

A used Melco embroidery machine is another smart option. These gently used machines are refurbished, turned up and run like new at a fraction of the cost. They even come with a warranty.

Melco embroidery machines are a sound investment for the home embroiderer as well as the entrepreneur starting an embroidery business. The Melco name on an embroidery machine gives you a name you can trust with experience to back it up. Visit their website today and learn more.


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