Tajima Embroidery Machines - Used Commercial Machine

Tajima embroidery machines are high-end professional multi head embroidery machines. If you are in the embroidery business and want an industrial embroidery machine, this is the one to look at.

Embroidery Machine

Tajima embroidery machines are distributed by Tajima Embroidery Machines Ltd.

(TEML), headquartered in Hong King. It is an authorized distributor of Tajima Industries Ltd. (TIL Japan). Tajima continues to be the leading manufacturer of top quality industrial embroidery machines on the international market.

Exported to over 100 nations, multi-head Tajima embroidery machines offer state-of-the-art automatic multi-color thread embroidery. This allows for the creation of the most intricate and colorful embroidered designs. These sophisticated machines can handle all of your professional embroidery needs from caps and shirts to towels and tablecloths.

Tajima Commercial Embroidery Machine

If you are looking for a machine that is easy on your budget, you may want to give some thought to a used Janome embroidery machine. When you buy a used machine from a licensed dealer, you don't have the risk you would if you were to buy from an individual. Used Janome embroidery machines are turned in to dealers who masterfully refurbished them, tune them up and make them run like new. And there is no risk on your part because they even come with a warranty. The only difference is that they will cost you a fraction of the price of a new machine.

When it comes to purchasing an industrial embroidery machine for your business, it is very important to shop around. This is truly an investment in the future of your business. Be sure to shop brands, shop models and shop new and used. If you do this you will be able to make the best possible choice. All the work will be worth it once you see the quality and volume of the embroidery pieces you are producing.


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