Beaded Jewelry – Beads and Instructions

Find out how to make the best beaded jewelry with beads of all shapes and sizes. Learn where to find the materials and how to string them together to make your own handmade beaded jewelry.

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Where To Start – Hand Beaded Jewelry

First you need to decide whether you want to use wire, elastic or thread as your base. Wire is strong and pliable but probably the most difficult to work with. Thread and elastic, of course, are much more delicate but easy to bead.

Working with thread you will need a pair of scissors and a needle. Wire material will require wire cutters, a bending tool (eg. pliers) and an attentive eye because wire can be dangerous to handle.

Next Step – Getting Beads


Now, this is the fun part, picking out beads. First it is best to check the yellow pages of your phone book to see if there are any local bead shops. If there is nothing around, your best bet is to look for beads online. A great online bead shop is Czech Beads . Here you can view all types of handmade, fire-polished and glass beads, select some favorites and order quickly and easily, all right online. Another large internet based bead shop is WigJig which not only sells beads but instructs you how to make all sorts of jewelry.

Putting It All Together

  • Wire is mainly used for making earrings or trinkets to hang on a necklace. The first thing you need to know in order to make wire jewelry is how to make a loop in your wire. Simply, take a pair of pliers, clamp the end of the wire piece you are using and twist it over onto itself until wire is touching wire.

As you will find out through practice, the size of your loop varies depending on how you wield your pliers. Gripping the wire closer to the tip of your pliers will make a smaller loop; gripping closer to the hinge of the pliers will create a larger loop.

Once you've mastered your loop you can begin to add beads or bead dangles. Threading beads onto the wire either into the loop itself or resting above the loop is personal preference. Bead dangles are beads that hang from a separate piece of wire and when strung into your loop will dangle as advertised.

The processes for beading with thread or elastic are essentially one and the same. The first step is anchoring one end of your string. The best anchor is made by simply cutting the thread or elastic to the length you wish, leaving enough tail to tie it off or attach a clasp, and taping one end to the flat of your table or counter.

Once your anchor is set you can begin threading beads on. When you feel like your necklace or bracelet is complete you pull the tape up and hold both ends of your string so the beads don't fall off and tie it or add a clasp.


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