Car Covers To Protect Your Vehicle

Protect your car or truck from dust, water and damaging UV with a ready-to-fit car cover. Get standard and custom size car covers, or front end "bras" to match your make and model.

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Finding The Right Car Cover

Most car covers offer all-weather protection from the outside world and prevent most nicks and dings. Natural elements such as ultra violet sun rays, acid rain and wind can wear away the paint job on your car making a crisp color look dull.

  • Custom Car Covers: Custom-fit car covers fit like a glove. Though they are more costly than other more generic car covers, they will wrap snuggly around your vehicle and provide maximum protection against the outside world. Custom covers are made for the year, make and model of your car, inorder to ensure the best possible fit.

    Car Cover

  • Ready Fit Car Covers: For almost anything from trucks to sedans to convertibles, there is a ready fit car cover that can cover your automobile. Ready fit car covers are made to fit similar sized cars so they tend to have a looser fit. This is something to consider if your car is going to be exposed to wind because they will potentially blow off. Also, ready-fit car covers do not have mirror pockets or antennae holes. Ready-fit covers are excellent for indoor usage but will not protect your car as well as custom covers outdoors.
  • Specialty Car Covers: Specialty car covers are also available for those who want to cover an open top convertible or shade the cab of a pickup.

Car Cover Quality Differences

Consumers Be aware. Car covers won't all protect your car to the same extent. Basic covers for use indoors are made of a thinner material that allows heat and moisture to get out. More advanced covers, typically custom covers, are made of a stronger fabric and will protect your car from more intense weather and falling nuts and acorns.

Dealers and Brands

California Car Covers is the biggest name in car covers. Specializing in custom covers, they have over 70,000 cover patterns in their library, in order to match most make and model vehicle.

Car Cover World is another great place to look for car covers. Custom fit, ready fit and specialized, Car Cover World has any car cover you need.

With auto prices constantly on the rise car covers are becoming more popular as a way to preserve your auto's looks and value.


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