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Get the scoop on high performance all season tires and wheels for cars, light trucks and SUVs . Learn about all season tire deals online, plus fitment, performance and safety tips.

All Season Tire Safety And Performance

Like most drivers, you're on the go 24/7 so you want all season tires and wheels to guarantee that you'll there safely, on time and without flats or inconvenience, and with maximum tire traction in all road conditions.

* Major Tire Brands. Recognizing your needs and the burgeoning demand for high performance all season tire products, market leaders such as Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear or Michelin amongst others have pulled out the engineering stops to create sophisticated formulations to give you what you need.

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Look at Michelin as a typical leading-edge manufacturer. Strong on dry and wet surfaces, Michelin all season tires exploit advanced tread compounds and tread geometry to move water, snow, ice, sand and muck from beneath your wheels, leaving you with wider and stronger road surface contact. You stay in control, avoid flat tires, and get out of harm's way because of superior tire traction.

* Winter And Summer Performance. All season tires pose critical design and engineering challenges since driving conditions between summer hot July to the arctic freeze of mid-January can vary as much as 100-degrees F. Meanwhile your performance tire needs to deal with road surface changes that move from egg-frying summer melt to snow, ice, mud and muck of blizzards.

* Hot Sun Hot Road Driving Safety. Dry road conditions requiring higher speeds and cornering stability have given impetus to leading after-market brands such as the Bridgestone all season tires lines. The many models of AWD and turbo-charged vehicles need an all season tire which will offer UV resistance, resistance to punctures, yet give 40,000 miles or more of tread wear.

* Engineering And Design Work. Engineers working on the all season tire product continually explore aggressive asymmetric tread designs as well as manufacturing technologies capable of dealing with complex rubber formulations and assemblies such as in steel belted or radial tires.

* Creating A Safety Tire Product For Buyers. Rubber formulations for performance tires reflect exotic chemistry where basic rubber combines with nylon, rayon, plasticizers, steel and Kevlar cords as well as additives which affect UV rating, cut resistance. The concept of a performance tire also relates to radial belting where steel re-enforced plies run laterally as well as around the circumference, in order to give load-carrying strength and long tread wear.

Fitments And Safety - Tire Size Calcultor

Your vehicle's OEM specs should guide your initial online research into replacement all season tires. You'll want to buy an identically matched set of four, staying within approximately 3% of your factory issue OEM wheel and tire diameters in order to avoid safety and performance issues related to transmission functioning, evenly apportioned power distribution to each wheel, along with braking system computers which are calibrated against original OEM specs. Pushing outside your OEM specs could cause a range of inter-related mechanical and electronic system failures.


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