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Get the best matched set of automotive tires and wheels for your vehicle. Learn about the great car tire technology advances for all season, winter, run flat as well as plus-sizing for a new more aggressive look.

New Tire Tread Designs And Technologies

Automotive tires and wheels have come a long way since the late 1800s when a solid rubber tire was the only choice that early automotive age vehicles as well as horse-drawn carriages could get to "soften" the ride.

Jump ahead to 1908 and the precursor to steel-belted car tires came into production. Add another 40-years and automotive tires technology received another radical boost with the stunning design breakthrough created by the first production model Michelin tire with radial technology in 1949.

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* Avoid Flat Tire Problems. Have you ever had a flat tire while out on the highway, in bad weather or at night? Perhaps nothing is as bad , inconvenient and dangerous as a flat tire. Fortunately, 21st century automotive tires technology is now delivering the run flat tires.

* Run Flat Tire Designs. Leading edge manufacturers such as Pirelli and Bridgestone have designed a product with reinforced sidewalls and special compounds which permit you to run it at virtually zero pressure psi. Run flats are truly the Holy Grail of safety and driver convenience, however are part of an industry-wide effort to establish clear technical standards, which necessitate the use of an in-dash board sensor to tell you that a tire is "down".

Tire Size Calculator

* Replacement Tire For Original Equipment. OEM automotive tires specs generally reflect the vehicle manufacturer's obsession with lowering overall weight and production costs. As a consequence, you get OEM car tires which are generally thinner profile, lacking the performance characteristics of many after-market auto tire products.

* Tire Size Calculator. Sizes and fitments these days will accommodate any make or model or "look" that you want for your car. Almost 90% of replacement automotive tires reflect buyers' interest to over-size or plus-size their wheels in order to get a more aggressive look and increased handling performance as in cornering and braking and use in a wider range of road weather conditions.

* Buying Plus-Size. The smart approach to plus-sizing your car tires is to stay within 3% of the original OEM diameters on your factory-issue equipment. Here's the reason. When over-sizing wheels and tires, you affect the distribution of power to your wheels, especially in the differences between AWD, FWD and RWD passenger vehicles. Next, plus-sizing could affect the functioning of your braking system's computers and wheel sensors, and potentially could result in brake failure. Less critical but still a factor is that your speedometer and odometer will need to be recalibrated when you plus size your auto tires.


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