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Discover the many online bicycle tires to fit all frame sizes. Tread designs for road or studded bicycle tire and wheel designs for trail and desert.

The Bicycle Tire After Market

* Avoid Flat Tire Problems. No matter whether you're a trail rider, recreational road rider or competition rider you'll want bicycle tires for maximum performance, safety and a low puncture rate. Fortunately, since the early 20 th century days when a bicycle tire was constructed out of solid rubber, rubber formulations along with tread design have introduced leading edge technology processes into the design and manufacture of bicycle tires.

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* Road Tires. Road-oriented bike tires come in a range of sizes and treads based on the size of your bike frame. Big brands include Michelin and Continental bicycle tires. Newer entry firms such as Armadillo tire are creating a performance reputation for tough tires that can deal with a wide range of abusive road conditions, from hot summer time asphalt to winter season snow and ice and rain.

Most major brands including, say, Michelin bicycle tires offer discount tire prices through their authorized distributor network. Look for pre-season promotions on discount bicycle tires for spring or late fall. You can initially investigate the product technicals via online search.

Leading edge bicycle tires technology parallels the automotive market, with designs featuring complex rubber compounds carrying imbedded toughening agents such as Kevlar or nylon belting. In another design push a tubeless bicycle tire might fit your needs where you need to travel light and minimize flat-and-repairs time.

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Bicycle Tire Maintenance And Safety Tips

Ride hard but ride smart. In addition to checking your brake pads and levers and ensuring that seat post and handle bar stems are tightly secured, your need to periodically examine your bicycle tires for evidence and wear and tear or imbedded thorns or other foreign objects. If you're riding narrow profile road bicycle tires, then you've "got a lot riding on a little" in terms of margin of safety. Blow-outs at high speed, or when cornering, or along busy roads are nasty business as any rider will attest.

Bicycle tire air pressures or PSI should vary by riding focus, with 90-105 PSI for performance road bikes and perhaps 50-65 PSI for off road trail or mountain biking. Before each ride, especially in cold weather, re-set your air pressures because low air pressure creates noticeable handling and performance issues which you can easily avoid.


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