Bridgestone Winter Blizzak MZ 03 Studless Snow Tires

Bridgestone Blizzak MZ 03 snow tires sell as original equipment on Honda's hybrid vehicle line.

The tires come in two sizes, P245/40R18 and P165/65R14. Each offers a speed rating of Q, meaning the tires can handle speeds of up to 99 miles per hours. Do not go in speeds excessive of that rating or the tires may fall apart.

Bridgestone's studless winter tire fits all Honda Insight hybrids. You can purchase the tires for other cars, but only if your car fits either of the two sizes.

Features of the Bridgestone Blizzak MZ 03 Snow Tires

The Bridgestone Blizzak MZ 03 tires offer three distinct groove patterns. The notched center groove with small zig-zag sipes helps drain water away from the tire. The next four rows use a crosses and then larger treads to help grip snowy, icy roads without slipping. The addition of fiberglass into the tire eliminates the traction issue some winter tires have on dry roads.

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All tires have tread depth indicators allowing you to see when your tires need replacing. You'll get a limited five-year warranty with your set of four Bridgestone Blizzak MZ 03 tires.

Safety Requirements

Studies show that failing to install four matching tires can lead to problems handling your vehicle. Make sure you buy four tires at the same time. Never match two winter tires with two all-season tires to save money.

Drive Safe in Snow

People often think the installation of Bridgestone Blizzak MZ 03 winter tires is enough to keep them on the road. This isn't necessarily true. Safe driving in the winter means you must slow down and allow extra time for braking. If you do not have anti-lock brakes, remember not to brake suddenly. Gently tap the brakes to slow gradually. Cars with automatic transmission have lower gears that can help you slow down, but putting yourself into those lower gears may cause you to slide as the engine slows down, so use those gears carefully.

If you start to slide, don't panic. Take your foot off both the accelerator and the brake. Steer gently in the opposite direction to keep your car's skidding, usually opposite where you want to go. If you know you are going to go off the road, try to aim for the ridge of snow that snowplows leave behind. Your car will sustain minimal damages and generally, you'll only need to be pulled out of the snowbank.

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