Bridgestone Winter Blizzak W965 Studless Snow Tires

Bridgestone Blizzak W965 snow tires grip the road giving you superior traction. It's stressful driving a company van or truck, and wintry weather only makes it worse.

You worry about having an accident, being late for a delivery and facing an angry boss when you'll failed to meet his demands. Bridgestone's W965 winter tires are designed solely for commercial use.

On Time Deliveries

Companies like DHL, FedEx and UPS all must deliver packages on time, regardless of the road conditions. Other truck drivers must also keep up schedules delivering groceries, business equipment and more. Even in poor weather, most customers expect their items on time regardless of the weather. These commercial drivers rely on quality tires to help them drive safely from point A to point B, and Bridgestone Blizzak W965 winter tires get the job done.

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Bridgestone Blizzak W965 Snow Tires Quality Design

Bridgestone Blizzak W965 Snow Tires use the Uni-T technology to ensure a solid grip on snowy, icy or slush covered roads. Uni-T uses a Multi-cell compound to break up surface water preventing slipping from hydroplaning.

With a zig-zag pattern, the Bridgestone Blizzak W965 winter tires grip roads well because of the increased number of edges over the entire wheel. The unstudded tires act like they have studs, but you prevent damage to roads and driveways. Plus, if you live in an area where studded tires are illegal or allowed only in certain months, you gain the response of a studded tire without worrying about fines or penalties.

Bridgestone Blizzak W965 Snow Tires Warranty

All Bridgestone Blizzak W965 Snow Tires come with a 30 day guarantee. Simply try the tires out and see how well they respond in snow. If you are not happy, you return them for a full refund.

In addition, you get a pro-rated replacement warranty for five years from date of purchase. You must keep the receipts. If the tires fail mechanically, without being damaged by hazards in the road , refusal to have the tires rotated or failure to follow safe driving habits, Bridgestone will replace the tires. You will pay a charge depending on how much tread remains on the tire.

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