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Pick replacement Bridgestone tires for your car, light truck, SUV, bicycle or motorcycle . Only the best compounds go into each Bridgestone tire so that you get handling performance, safety and more.

Bridgestone Tire Products And Tradition

Getting your matched set of four replacement Bridgestone tires means that you'll be driving with that extra performance and safety edge offered by the world's largest tire manufacturer.

* Including Firestone Tires. Reflecting a recent merger with US Firestone, Tokyo headquartered Bridgestone Tire Company delivers major design and manufacturing prowess into new product development. Take for example the 1993 introduction of the snow tire brand Blizzak or its light truck tire segment branded under Winter Dueller, where over 80 million units have been bought by quality-conscious buyers around the world.

Bridgestone Car Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

* Leading Seller Models. Bridgestone Turanza tires or the popular Bridgestone Potenza series SO-2 Pole Position or the RE930 or RE 950 series brands give you over 28 sizes to choose from. Additionally, the Bridgestone Turanza tires LS are speed-rated in T, H, V and Z variants to give you even greater technical focus.

* Company History. Bridgestone tire founder, Shojino Ishibashi, (whose name when translated and reversed into English is "Bridgestone") commenced business in the 1930s however manufactured rubber soled shoes. The company quickly transformed itself following WWII into a technology-focused manufacturer, producing OEM auto tires as well as increasing its penetration into the automotive aftermarket with custom designed products. Like all great design companies, Bridgestone tire invests heavily in tread compound research, tire contour physics associated with speed direction and load, along with new manufacturing technologies. Get more information at

Bridgestone Tire Calculator For Your Vehicle

* Replacement Tire Tips. Whether you drive a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, or ATV you need to ensure that your replacement Bridgestone tires are four identically matched ones.

* Avoid Flat Tire Problems. With the rise in 4WD and AWD vehicles as well as a market trend to plus-size wheels and tires, Bridgestone and its distributors know that rolling rates, alignment and wheel balance contribute enormously to your driving performance and safety.

Mis-matched Bridgestone truck tires could cause the vehicle's additional differentials and /or viscous coupling to fail due to an imbalance when power is unevenly distributed to the four wheels under sand, snow, ice or wet conditions when traction variants occur.


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