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Get high performance cheap wheels and tires from online sellers. Major brands offering performance equipment with pre-season tire discounts, fitments advice, safety and maintenance.

Low Cost Replacement Tire Strategies

Cheap tires don't necessarily mean low quality. You can get a great deal on all major brands of replacement tires by carefully navigating authorized dealers' sites for early season and inventory-liquidating tire sales.

* Tips For Buying Replacment Tires. In order to take advantage of cheap tire deals, you still have to remain vigilant concerning mechanical and electronic systems' needs within your vehicle. Your vehicle make and model establishes the OEM factory-issue specifications and tolerances for your vehicle. When an improperly sized wheel and tire package is installed, you run the risk of altering your braking system's computer functioning and wheel sensor data feeds.

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* Best Deal Seaonal Offers. Seasonality impacts tire prices as the major brands such as Continental, Yokohama, Dunlop or Goodyear push through new season product lines. Meanwhile, online and off line distributors must periodically resort to cheap tires promotions in order to "pull through" inventories in anticipation of a new selling season. For example high performance winter tires are heavily "dealt" late autumn and then pre-spring so you'll undoubtedly get a cheap tire bargain during these promotional drive periods.

* Avoid Mis-Matched Tire Sizes. Oversized cheap tires which cause you to exceed OEM specs by more than 3% set up additional transmission and power-distribution issues. Beginning in the 1990s, vehicles offering 4X4 and AWD capability have increased sales enormously. While improving safety and performance for you, these same AWD transmission and power-train systems are carefully calibrated in order to precisely distribute power to each of your four wheels. Buy mis-matched cheap tires and you could set yourself up for a spin-out accident. A tire size calculator sould keep you within 3% of your original issue equipment specs.

Replacement Tire Speed Ratings Tips For Buyers

The best tires for speed-rated conditions vary significantly with products rated from "S" for 112 mph to "ZR" for over 186 mph. Exceeding recommended speeds pushes you into the "red zone" where accidents occur.

Load-Carrying Capability And How To Avoid Flat Tires

The best tires for big work load conditions will be larger diameter ones with maximum recommended air pressures. Ratings for load-carrying differ, from 3000 pounds on up and whether you're carrying an extra load of gear or towing a trailer or boat. Before buying replacement tires, determine "normal" driving and load requirements




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