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Get over 130 years of Continental tires experience in your next set of tire replacements. Leading edge designs from Continental tire for auto, truck, SUV, motorcycle or performance vehicle.

Continental Tire Design History

* Run Flat Tire Design. How does the idea of a run-flat tire sound to you? Continental tires believes that such innovative 21 st century designs will give you the extra performance and safety edge that will spell great money savings as well as accident prevention.

* Continental And Bridgetone Partnership. Partnering with Bridgestone, Continental intends to marshal its design and materials technologies into trend-setting innovations that all drivers will want.

Continental Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

* All Make, Models, Vehicle Classes From Continental Tire. Your range of Continental tire product and sizes covers vehicle classes including auto, light truck, SUF, commercial truck and certain performance categories. Continental performance tires are branded under Contisport Contact and ContiExtreme. Meanwhile, touring class Continental tires are branded under Contipremier Contact, leaving Continental winter tires to marketing under the Contiwinter Contact brand.

* Original Equipment Replacement Tire Guide. You'll find a Continental tire for virtually any replacement OEM make or model. On the other hand, if you want to upgrade with replacements then a broad range of special-purpose and performance Continental tires are available from 15" and 16" wheel sizes up to 22" wheels.

* Continental Tire Corporate Profile And Market Leadership. Such present-day product diversity was hard-won, earned the old fashioned way with trial and error and a string of marketing successes that reach back to the 1870s. For example, as the motor car age began its infancy Continental tire came out with the first patterned tread in 1904 and within several years introduced the radical but effective rivet-imbedded anti-skid tire, an engineering anticipation of the later introduction of steel-studded winter tires. See more information on products at

By the late 1990s, Continental had extended its business and expertise into brakes and chassis design, hose assembly, automotive electronics and more as it developed integrated lines to serve the vehicle manufacturer industry.

Continental Tire Fitments And Tips

* Tip: Buy Matching Size Replacement Tires. You've got great fitment options for virtually any wheel size, from 15" to 22', and for truck and SUV tires as well as motorcycle and bicycle segments. Make sure you buy 4 identically matched Continental tires, ensure that your wheels are balanced and aligned, and that you maintain Continental tire recommended air pressures as the seasons and temperatures and road conditions vary.


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