Cooper Tires - Cooper Tire Performance Advantages

From race track to outback, Cooper tires and wheels create the high performance tires you're looking for. Cooper tire distributors nation wide offer fitment, installation and much more.

Cooper Tire Products And Technologies

* All Season All Terrain Tire Choices From Cooper. Don't worry when you see rain, snow or sand. You've got Cooper tires and 75 years of leading-edge technology riding beneath you. Findlay, Ohio headquartered Cooper invests heavily in engineering and manufacturing technologies to produce market leading products such as the Cooper winter tires Weather-Master series or the Discover series for all terrain as well as off road driving conditions.

* Original Equipment Replacement Tires By Cooper. In addition to light truck and SUV product, Cooper car tires are outfitted as original equipment on a number of major vehicle brands. Cooper tire also delivers the economy Trendsetter series as well as the OEM replacement Lifeliner series, so check your vehicle specs to see which Cooper model will do the job.

Cooper Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

* High Performance Cooper Tires. Meanwhile ultra high performance series such as the Zeon line or the Cooper Cobra tires expand your possibilities for improving performance, aggressive looks and safety in your vehicle.

* Cooper Making A World Of Difference. With a 20,000 employee pool and manufacturing operations in 13 countries, Cooper tire company can deliver significant human and capital resources into tread compound research, materials combinations within a manufacturing environment, as well as test track feedback from the Cooper racing tire segment. Unsurprisingly, Cooper re-directs this design and production capability to other segments of the automotive design matrix including areas such as sunroofs, seals, coolant hoses sensors, EGR valves and EGR tubes, and much more. See more at

Cooper Tires Match Most Vehicle Types And Class

* Tire Size Calcultor - Expert Advice. Cooper tires are handled online and offline by authorized re-sellers who will provide you with sizing and fitments which are correct for your vehicle, whether motorcycle or SUV. Realize that you'll want to buy 4 identically matched Cooper tires, in order to safeguard your vehicle's driving performance under non-standard road conditions such as snow, ice, rain, wind, sand or a mix of all. With increasingly more vehicles 4WD or AWD, the technical issues regarding even transmission of power to all four wheels makes it critical that your wheels rotate as close to one another as your differentials and viscous couplings permit.

* Avoid Flat Tire And Maintenance Snags. Match your tire tread and size, stay within the 3% plus-size rule, get your wheels and tires balanced, aligned, and maintain recommended air pressures.


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