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Dallas tire safety, sales and service experts carry top performance tire brands, offer multi point safety exam, flat tire repair same day, plus size and OEM replacement guidance, wheel balance, alignment, wheel and hubcap accessories and more.

Dallas Tire Dealers For Safety, Performance, Long Life And Discount Tire Prices

  • OEM Replacement Tires Or Tire Repair For All Models And Makes. Dallas tire sales and service specialists handle your OEM tire replacement needs with same-day service ... do the tire size calculator work for you ... get you back on the road with flat tire repair so that you get driving performance, passenger safety and long life. All vehicle makes and models can be serviced ... SUV, cars , light truck ... trailer, motorcycle, and more. For local Dallas tire expert sales advice go to Les Schwab Tire Center at multi locations including 121 Main St. 503. 623. 8155.

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  • Everyday Discount Tire Prices On Performance Tire Brands. Drivers consistently get the best performance automotive gear from local metro Dallas tire wholesalers and retailers. Major available brands include Pirelli, Michelin, Cooper, Firestone Goodyear, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Continental, Yokohama, Toyo, and other leading brands. Bottom line? It's all about value and driving performance and safety. Dallas tire specialists stock the right products ... giving you a wide range of fitment options ... offer same day flat tire repair ... consistently competitive discount tire prices and more. Additional local Dallas tire specialists include the folks at Wal-Mart at 321 NE Kings Valley Hwy. 503. 623. 0490.
Repair Flat Tire, Go To Plus Size Tires Or Get Wheel Balance. Roadside blow-outs can be caused by lowered tread quality resulting in tire traction failure. If this happens to you, then local Dallas tire experts will help you out ... checking tread wear for safety ... repairing your flat tire ... providing you with a multi point safety-check installation ... wheel balancing and frame alignment. Meanwhile, a lot of drivers seek a more aggressive look and want plus size tires and wheels along with new hubcaps. Local Dallas tire experts can get you outfitted quickly and at rock-bottom discount tire prices. Occupant safety and on the road driving performance "rides" on your wheels and tires, so visit local Dallas tire specialist Beggs Tire Factory at 3450 River Rd N Keizer 503. 463. 8473


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