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Upgrade to high performance sport Falken tires. A wide range of Falken tire fitments for luxury, SUV, all season, motor sport and more.

Falken Tire Products And Company

Go beyond aggressive looks. See how Falken tires sports performance designs improve your cornering, control and braking.

* Falken Tire For Most Makes, Models, Vehicle Class. Here's a design and engineering group that creates leading edge rubber compounds, matches these compounds with high tech manufacturing and assembly processes in order to create a Falken tire for makes and models in the SUV class, luxury car segment, all season radial segment and the ultra high performance motor sport racing segment.

* Race Track Testing Ground For Falken. Likely a non-racer but interested in performance and safety, you get the direct result of Falken tires investment in high stakes motor sport racing, where the Rally Sports, D1 Sports or Pure Sports product lines have emerged to show the market how enhanced upper side wall construction can deal with the physics of high speed racing.

Falken Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

* Tire Tread Research And Product Development. While your Falken SUV tires won't require the racing model's 51 psi pressures, you still get the advantage of the tread compound research and innovative internal engineering applied to each line of Falken tires such as the Falken ZE-512 or Falken Azenis lines.

Falken USA is California headquartered and organizes the distribution network of offline and online tire re-sellers authorized to handle Falken products and to make proper fitment selections with you. In order to maintain selling volumes, the company authorizes dealers from time to time to offer discount Falken tires to buyers, sometimes limited to a particular model or tied to a wheels and tires package. Go to falken.com for more info.

Falken Tire Driving Tips

* Replacement Tire Buyer's Guide. With the increased presence of 4WD and AWD vehicles, your selection of replacement tires requires some planning and attention to technical details, all of which you and your Falken distributor can work through together.

* Tire Size Calculator And Safety Issues. Main thing to understand is that you must buy a matched set of four identically sized Falken tires in order that your power distribution be evenly apportioned to each wheel. Differing wheel sizes mean differing rotation lengths which on surfaces bearing snow, ice, mud, sand, or pools of water set you up for potentially disastrous malfunctioning and loss of control. Add ABS pulsing into the mix and you've got a primo control problem on your hands.

* Plus Size Tire Safety Factors. Most guys want to plus-size their wheels when replacing, so the people from Falken want you to drive safely and stay within the OEM specs for your vehicle. Replacements should be matched all around, balanced, aligned and you should remain diligent about maintaining tire air pressures as the seasons and temperature vary.


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