Firestone Tires - Firehawk And Destination Tire Review

Get the right Firestone tires for your passenger car, light truck, commercial rig, motorcycle, or tractor. You'll find the right Firestone tire for any surface and any job.

Firestone Tire For Performance Safety

With over a century of "road" experience as a designer and producer, Firestone tires in their recently merged enterprise with Bridgestone offer the world's largest manufacturing and product development group to developing cutting-edge products.

* Huge Choice Of Firestone Replacement Tire Models. What you get are Firestone tire products and fitments for virtually any make and model of passenger car, SUV, all terrain vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, light and commercial truck, along with agricultural tractor tires and more.

Firestone Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Originally founded in 1900 as a seller of solid rubber tires for carriages, Firestone tires soon transformed its operation into an OEM supplier to Henry Ford. The conversion was total and by 1911 Firestone products were powering the first Indy 500 win.

* Tire Tread Research. With multi-decades of operating experience, Firestone committed major capital and engineering resources to designing increasingly sophisticated tread compounds as well as sorting out the physics associated with speed, surface conditions, and load variants applied to a rotating tire under differing air pressures. Safety, performance, handling ease mark the Firestone tire tradition.

Firestone Tire Fitments And Seasonal Changes

* Snow Tires And Safety Guide. In North America plummeting winter temperatures mean that your Firestone snow tires must be kept at recommended air pressures in order to ensure that you maintain control, performance and safety when road conditions become risky.

* Tire Air Pressure. While most drivers recognize that larger loads can be carried by larger tires pumped to higher psi pressures, temperature variants can create startling losses in handling and control. As a rule, a 10-degree F change equates to a 1 pound psi change in tire pressures. If for example your Firestone winter tires sit overnight while the temperature falls 30-degrees, then your psi rating may be off 3-pounds or more from the time you bought or installed your replacements.

* Replacement Tire Size Guideline. In addition to constant vigilance regarding tire air pressures, Firestone and its in-market distributors recommend that you always get 4 identically matched replacements when changing over between seasons or plus-sizing your vehicle. AWD and 4WD vehicles apportion power evenly between your wheels, however under slippery conditions and with mis-matched tires your power distribution could go seriously awry resulting in malfunction and serious accident. A lot rides on your Firestone tires so make sure you get the right size, proper installation including wheel balancing and alignment, and that you diligently monitor air pressure as the seasons change.



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