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Improve driving performance and control with Kumho tires and wheels. Find the perfect Kumho tire fitment for sport, light truck, SUV, all terrain, commercial truck and more.

Kumho Tire Performance Products

Road surface conditions change, radically at times and rarely with advance notice so you'll get peace of mind riding on Kumho tires.

* Get Long Life High Performance Safety. One of the top ten firms globally, Kumho tire company stresses technology-driven products that will give you road-handling performance, improved cornering, shorter braking distances, ability to traverse any slippery service and long tire tread wear.

Kumho Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

* Industry Leading Kumho Radial Tires. In the passenger car segment Kumho radial tires model 798s are a perfect example of rubber compound research and design success. Strong on dry and wet surfaces, Kumho performance tires exploit advanced tread compounds and tread geometry to move water, snow, ice, sand and muck from beneath your wheels, leaving you with wider and stronger road surface contact. You stay in control and get out of harm's way.

Kumho's technology focus springs as much from core engineering expertise as from race track experience. You can get yourself a matched set of high performance Kumho ecsta asx or ecsta mx tires and know that you'll have improved high speed control on wet and dry surfaces. See more product and corporate information at kumho.com.

* Snow Tires For WInter Safety. In North America rapidly changing climates mean that you reach out to your winter replacements perhaps as early as November. Answering that need Kumho snow tires offer aggressive tread designs with the I Zen series through to I Zen Stud snows whose deeper angled tread channels ice and snow at the same time as the randomly located studs bite into the ice and snow to give you traction.

Since road surface conditions vary by season and by locale, such as inner city versus open highway, Kumho authorizes its dealers to provide special incentives where discount Kumho tires are available from online and offline dealers for passenger cars, light truck and SUV vehicle classes typically.

Kumho And Driving Tips

* Replacement Tire Advisory. Safety and performance are the keys driving Kumho's product development. Make sure your Kumho replacements are four identically matched. Get your fitment specialist to confirm that you're within 3% of the OEM specs for your vehicle, particularly if you're plus-sizing. Be careful not to over plus size your tires or you set yourself up for safety issues. Wheel balancing and alignment plus constant checking on recommended psi air pressures are vital, especially as outside climate changes occur.


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