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Get great handling high performance Michelin tires for your truck, SUV or sports car. Learn about Michelin tire research and testing for enhanced tire wear, durability and reduced rolling resistance.

Michelin Tire Tradition Of Performance

While grandparents of today's drivers were just crawling out of their crib, Michelin tires designers were filing 1937 patents for the first radial tire design.

Drivers in the 21 st century take for granted the stunning design breakthrough created by the first production model Michelin tire with radial technology in 1949 following the 24 hour Le Mans race. Just these sort of design innovations, similar in spirit to the radical XOne Michelin truck tires for bus and trams, which have pushed Michelin into a deeper collaboration with vehicle manufacturers in over a century of product development.

Michelin Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Michelin And Vehicle Industry Design Collaboration

* When Tires "Drive" Auto Design Benefits. As Michelin's 6000+ design interface personnel understand, delivering innovative tire design solutions in terms of weight, load bearing capability and stance mean that vehicle designers can improve profitability by altering critical costs associated with materials. Result? Vehicles create more passenger space, turning and handling can be improved, suspension design enhanced, safety increases, and wear and tear costs lower.

* Sports Tires - Brands Like Man, XZL, Hydroedge. Take for example the Michelin Pilot sport tires. Available in a wide range of plus sizes, this product reflects the Michelin design strategy for maximizing functionality under a wide range of driving conditions. Vehicle type, speed and weight are only parts of the multi-point calculus used by designers and engineers to mix the many compounds and materials necessary in producing the best Michelin tire for you. Other great Michelin brands and models for you to look at include the Man, XZL, Hydroedge along with the Harmony line. Learn more at Michelin.com.

* When You Need Replacement Tires - OEM Equivalents. Tire and wheel packages typically involve buyers like yourself who are replacing OEM specification gear and/or who are plus-sizing in order to obtain greater handling, cornering performance along with a more aggressive stance.

* Plus Size Tires Advisory. When plus-sizing with Michelin tires, remember that you have to stay within about 3% of the original OEM diameters in order to maximize performance and minimize safety risk issues. Typically, as you increase wheel sizes, you'll need to reduce the profile of your Michelin tire in order that the combined diameter stays close to the 3% guideline.

* Tire Air Pressure Reminder - Safety. Don't let the attraction of discount Michelin tires take your attention off of safety. Get the right size, make sure its properly balanced and installed correctly, and stay alert throughout the year to the Michelin tires air pressure recommendations so that you keep inflation as close to the guide as possible. Under inflated or over inflated tires pose serious performance and safety risks, plus you'll create accelerating replacement costs for your Michelin tires, all of which can be minimized by keeping the right amount of air.


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