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Get great online motorcycle tires packages for sport, touring, off road and motocross. New motorcycle tire designs by Pirelli, Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear and others.

Motorcycle Tires And Technologies

Two-wheelers can get virtually all the technologies in motorcycle tires that the four-wheelers get for their cars, trucks and SUVs

* Tire Traction And Long Life. Tubeless large-displacement motorcycle tires give you long distance touring performance as well as great tire traction and long tread wear. Meanwhile, the Baja and desert rider within you can get realized through the many motocross motorcycle tire designs focusing on hot arid desert track riding events.

Motorcycle Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

* Major Brands - Bridgestone And Dunlop Tire. Major brands such as Bridgestone motorcycle tires utilize silica compounds and Kevlar belted rear designs in order to give you stability at high speeds, accordingly are Z-rated. Or you can turn to the Dunlop sport touring motorcycle tires with fitments like 130/80-18 in front and 170/70-16 for your rear wheel. Dunlops are noted for deep treads that will give you sure grip and long mileage capability.

Other online motorcycle tire segments to explore include the tubeless radial category. Dunlop motorcycle tires offer their high performance tubeless radial model for large displacement and long distance road touring, however are offered in H & R speed ratings.

Fitments Performance And Safety

* Original Equipment Replacement Tires. OEM factory-issue motorcycle tires, like their automotive cousins, generally reflect the bike manufacturer's designer interest in reducing overall bike weight and selling costs. However, to gain a stronger more aggressive look for your bike as well as improve handling performance for cornering, braking and overall tread wear, you need to go the motorcycle tire after-market for the highest quality products.

After you've determined "typical" load levels and whether you'll need your bike for any serious off road riding, you can hone in on online discount motorcycle tires sellers who will be able to match either your OEM factory-issue specs or work with you to plus-size your bike's wheels.

* Safety Issues When Plus Size Tires Used. Consider the many engineering implications when mis-matching your motorcycle tires or dramatically exceeding manufacturer's specs. Braking, cornering as well as the need to recalibrate your speedometer and odometer may be just part of the factors to consider when upgrading.


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