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Nokian WR Tires eliminate the need to change your tires before and after the winter season.

The all-season plus tires contain tread patterns that grip icy, snowy roads exceptionally well and also include grooves that allow for ultimate traction in water and mud.

Features of Nokian WR Tires

All Nokian WR Tires have safety indicators. A rectangular box clearly displays how much tread remains on your tire. As more tread wears away, the number fades. You'll know exactly when you need to start tire shopping.

The Info Pin displays the direction your tires are pointing and includes an indicator to tell you the road conditions.

Nokian Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Mud stopper technology creates a gap between the tire and the rim to keep rocks and mud from getting into the rim and causing damage.

Finally, Nokian WR Tires come with an information field on the side of the tire that allow you to mark which position the tire was last in. This is handy during tire rotations. The information field also includes inflation information.

Nokian WR Tires Come with Rim Guards

Driving in the winter usually means you'll be dodging pot holes. Hitting a pot hole too hard not only damages your tire, but the force of the tire's sidewall hitting the rim can dent or scratch your wheel rims. It's expensive to replace rims and Nokia came up with way to prevent this damage.

Nokian WR All-Season Plus tires offer a rim guard. A sturdy rib within the tire acts as a cushion when you abruptly hit a frost heave or pot hole. Your tire's rim won't suffer unexpected damage.

Nokian WR All-Season Plus Tires are Non-Toxic

As tires wear out, most people begin to worry about tire disposal. Burned rubber is certainly not good for the environment, so many areas use recycling techniques to keep tires out of landfills.

Many used tires are blended into asphalt for road paving. Some are used as garden mulch. Others are melted down and formed into retreads, brake pads, insulation and rubber floor mats. This is all benefiting the environment, but the concerns over the fumes released by melted rubber remains a key concern.

Nokian WR tires use low aromatic, purified oils to eliminate the risk of carcinogens. You gain traction, without potentially harming the environment as your tires wear out.

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