Off Road Tires - 4x4 Tire Buyers Guide

Upgrade your truck or SUV with high performance off road tires. Radical tread shape built-tough Pirelli and BF Goodrich all terrain tires and more.

Off Road Tires To Handle The Dirt Mud Snow And Ice

AWD and 4X4 vehicle owners itch to test their rigs in serious wilderness track conditions.

* Designing For Outdoors Men. If you hunt, fish, hike or simply want to get into the woods or desert, then grab a matched set of performance off road tires . Aggressive tread designs and deep channeling make the off road tire a must for any adventure.

Off Road Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

The design key to all terrain tires lies in tread geometry. Asymmetric lateral patterns across the crown couple with two to three deep circumferential channels. Result? Your off road tires literally expel mud, snow, ice, sand or any outback goo out the back, leaving a great tire-to-road-surface area. Greater surface contact area translates into greater grip and handling performance.

* Look To Pirelli And BF Goodrich. Amongst the market leaders to consider are Pirelli off road tires, engineered with aggressive tread design as well as rubber formulations designed to counter UV damage. Other leading technology brands you should look at when upgrading are BF Goodrich off road tires which exhibit the required tread geometry but also offer outstanding cut resistance and cold weather capability.

Off Road Tire Fitments Performance And Safety

* Handling And Load Carrying. The keys to off road wheels and tires include handling and load-carrying strength. Because of the anticipated tough conditions, your best off road tires will utilize steel, nylon or even Kevlar cords imbedded within a belt-construction.

* Plus Size Tires Guide. With the expansion of the 4X4 and AWD vehicle market during the 1990s, most owners go into the automotive after-market with the idea of plus-sizing their wheels. Naturally, if you increase wheel diameters you'll need to adjust your off road tires dimensions. Resist the temptation to either buy a mis-matched set of tires or exceed your vehicle's original OEM specifications by more than 3% in overall diameter.

* Safety Aspect Of Matched Replacement Tires. Let's look at possible safety and handling impacts if you mis-match your replacement off road tires. To begin with, your transmission and power train are set up to "square off" or distribute power evenly to all four wheels. Alter wheel sizes and you get power or torque differentials which could quickly result in a spin out, loss of control or getting stuck miles from civilization.

Off road tire fitments range from 15" to over 22" so you've got great product choices.




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