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Get the right performance tires for your vehicle and driving conditions. Learn about leading edge technologies and designs such as the Nitto performance tire and much more.

Performance Tires In All Seasons All Road Conditions

Matching the technology gains in other automotive design areas, performance tires have also "pushed the technology envelope" with stunning advances in tread designs and rubber formulations

* Most Makes And Models. Your performance tire after-market can match every make and model of passenger car, light truck or SUV in terms of OEM-equivalent or superior replacement tires.

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* Buying Tips - North America. Buyers' guide to value in the performance tires segment requires some essential knowledge concerning the differences in tire tread design as well as rubber formulations. Northern latitude drivers understand that a performance tire will track well in cold-weather conditions, maintaining high surface-to-road contact area when rain, ice, slush or some mix of muck dominates the road. In these driving environs an all season performance tire bearing radical asymmetric tread geometry as well as two-three channels circumferentially spells the difference between driving safety and wipe-outs.

* Avoid Flat Tire Roadside Drama. Dry road conditions requiring higher speeds and cornering stability lead to leading after-market brands such as the Nitto performance tires lines. The many models of AWD and turbo-charged vehicles need a sport performance tire which will offer UV resistance, resistance to punctures, yet give 40,000 mile or more of reliable tread wear.

Rubber formulations for performance tires reflect exotic chemistry where basic rubber combines with nylon, rayon, plasticizers, steel and Kevlar cords as well as additives which affect UV rating, cut resistance. The concept of a performance tire also relates to radial belting where steel re-enforced plies run laterally as well as around the circumference, in order to give load-carrying strength and long tread wear.

Performance Tires Maintenance And Safety Guideline

Rain, mud, snow and muck create some interesting challenges for engineers back in the Dunlop or Goodyear design-soup-kitchen. For these technologists a performance mud tire brings up exotic and complex hydraulic physics issues that deal with weight, speed and liquid flows.

* How To Buy Replacement Tires Based On Your Driving Needs. Keys for you are to hone in on your primary mode of driving, the sorts of road conditions you'll likely face, and then buy a matching set of replacement tires that are either identical OEM spec-equivalents or if plus-sizing to stay within 3% of your original wheel and tire diameters. Last tip is to consistently maintain required PSI tire air pressures, especially when seasonal temperature changes move 10-degrees F or more.

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