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Improve handling, braking and overall performance with your Pirelli tires and wheels. Find the replacement Pirelli tire to match your vehicle OEM specs for touring, light truck, SUV, snow and mud and more.

Pirelli Tire Products And Corporate Commitment

* Superior Performance By Pirelli. When a freak snow storm hits or a pounding summer rain squall slaps your windscreen you want to have Pirelli tires beneath you. Increased control, handling, improved braking and overall safety and performance get a boost from the wide range of Pirelli tire models that can match any make and model's OEM specs.

Pirelli Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

* Upgrade Beyond OEM Tire Quality. A key technical advantage that Pirelli tires carry over OEM factory issue gear is that your OEMs are generally specified because they're lower cost, thinner profile, lower absolute weight and create relatively lower rolling resistance which you might perceive as a "soft ride". Tread wear and overall driveability over the long haul are entirely different matters, which high performance Pirelli tires such as the PZero Nero or PZero Corsa line clearly address with their increased widths and critically improved high speed ratings. Performance is what you'll get.

* Passenger Car Segment. Alternatively, Pirelli P400 tires for touring continue to offer exceptional value to the passenger car segment. Seasonal promotion offers either online or with local distributors may yield discount Pirelli tires in certain categories such as winter-snow or vehicle segments such as SUV or even motorcycle.

* Winter Tire Specialists. In North America climate changes come early and often, creating ongoing consumer demand for Pirelli winter tire models such as the Winter Snowsport series or the Winter Sottozero line. Fitments are offered in a wide range of wheel sizes and tread widths.

* Run Flat Tire Technology Leader. Like some of its more resourceful competitors, Pirelli has contributed its technological opinion into the run flat tires segment, where Pirelli engineers have designed a product with reinforced sidewalls and special compounds which permit you to run it at virtually zero tire air pressure or psi.

Run flats are truly the Holy Grail of safety and driver convenience, however are part of an industry-wide effort to establish clear technical standards, which necessitate the use of an in-dash board sensor to tell you that a tire is "down".

Pirelli Tire Fitments And Tips

* Original Issue Spec Or Plus Size Tire Options By Pirelli. Whether you select off road or Pirelli snow tires for winter conditions make sure that you get an identically matched set of four. Since Pirelli fitments cover virtually all core OEM specs, you'll be able to fit wheel sizes from 15" to 22" plus have the flexibility to adjust tire widths or even plus-size your vehicle. Pirelli is all about quality, performance and exacting fitments. Learn more at Pirelli.com.


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