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Locate best priced high performance radial tires and wheels for your car, light truck or SUV. See how a top-performing Michelin radial tire stacks up against Goodyear and others.

Your All Surface All Season Radial Tire

In the passenger car segment Michelin radial tires are a perfect example of rubber compound research and design success.

* Chemistry Giving You Improved Tire Traction. Strong on dry and wet surfaces, Michelin all season tire s exploit advanced tread compounds and tread geometry to move water, snow, ice, sand and muck from beneath your wheels, leaving you with wider and stronger road surface contact. You stay in control and get out of harm's way.

Radial Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Radial tire engineering technologies offer exotic formulations depending upon your driving needs and vehicle type. For example, many drivers have turned to steel belted radial tires in order to get that additional strength and safety factor that steel, plasticizers, nylon and even Kevlar cord can deliver.

* Designing Strength Into Radial Tires. The design and engineering essence of radial tires springs from technologists focusing on introducing steel plies running perpendicular or across the crown. In order to further strengthen this radial tire, engineers introduce additional connector plies running circumferentially so that a reinforced cross-hatch design emerges.

Technology pushes have resulted in an increasing range of product options. You can now buy off road mud radial tires carrying steel belting along with exotic compounds, heavy load-carrying capability and aggressive tread designs. Similarly, farmers can now regularly buy radial tractor tires for front and back, obtaining the same sorts of performance advantages that the passenger car owners now get.

Fitments For Radial Tires

Fitments for radial tires range from 14" to over 22" wheels. Similarly, tread widths vary from near 5" to over 10" depending upon the manufacturer and targeted vehicle class such as passenger cars or SUV s.

For example a Goodyear ATV radial tire might show tread width marking of 205/60R18 where the "205mm" indicates the tread width.

* Guide To Buying Replacement Tires. Industry advice suggests that you buy a matched set of four identically sized radial tires, not exceeding your vehicle's OEM factory-issue specification by more than 3%, as a guide. By keeping wheel sizes constant, your transmission and power train distribute power evenly, thus giving you balanced control over your vehicle.


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