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Driving performance and safety mean sport tires all around. Learn about major brand Dunlop sport tires and wheels, fitments, maintenance and safety.

Sport Tires And Driving Performance

Sport tires make the driving difference whether you're cruising Los Angeles, motoring along the Appalachians or going out on the track. Fortunately for buyers, sport tire technology continues to "push the envelope" in terms of what you can now put on your vehicle.

* Going Beyond OEM Tire Standards. Sometimes factory-issue OEM spec gear just doesn't cut it. Perhaps 90% of after-market buyers look to sport tires that will give greater cornering and control ability, be offered in a range of plus-size fitments, yet give long tread wear life. In other words, the sport tire buyer wants it all. Let's see what's out there and what you need to look for.

Sport Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

* Performance Plus Size Tires. Look for example the leading edge Michelin Pilot sport tires. Available in a wide range of plus size tires, this product reflects the Michelin design strategy for maximizing handling performance under a wide range of road conditions. Vehicle type, speed and weight are only some of the multi-point calculus used by designers and engineers to mix the many compounds and materials necessary in producing the best Michelin tire for you.

* Looking At Tire Chemistry. Design focus for sport tires is directed towards rubber compound chemistry and manufacturing technologies along with tread geometry. Depending upon whether you need UV resistance, cut resistance, cold weather capability or race track high speed cornering and braking, you'll find a sport tire to match your driving needs. Rubber formulations vary with the inclusion of plasticizers, nylon, steel, Kevlar as well as additives related to heat, UV, or load-carrying capability.

Your light truck sport tires will be speed rated and load rated entirely differently to passenger cars.

Maintenance Fitments And Safety

Performance and safety for sport tires are inter-connected design issues. Your OEM factory issue gear needs to be monitored for tread wear. Narrow rubber bars are integrated into the sport tire during manufacture, and begin to show the legal wear-out depth at around 2/32nds" which you can determine by inserting a coin into the tread channel..

* How To Buy Replacement Tires. Core buying strategy evolves around buying an identically matched set of four replacement sport tires and then staying vigilant on rotating tires and maintaining required PSI air tire pressure values during all seasons.





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