Studded Tires - Snow Tires For Winter Performance

Eliminate winter driving fears and uncertainty. Get high performance studded tires for a sure grip. Learn how major brands like Kumho design a studded tire to power you through snow, ice, mud and road goo.

Studded Tire For Winter Season Driving Certainty

* Getting A Grip In Winter. North America climates and road terrains vary enormously so you drivers seeking to bite through snow, ice, mud and muck can turn to the advanced winter season studded tires that not only gives you initial high grip, but also channels mud and muck quickly from beneath your wheels so that you maximize tire-to-road surface contact. Point and drive, with little lateral slip all made possible by innovative tire tread groove geometry.

Studded Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

* Snow Tires With An Extra Stud "Bite". Deep aggressive tread designs along with randomly placed steel stud inserts run to the core of studded tire designs. Look for Kumho snow tires which offer aggressive tread designs in the I Zen series whose deeper angled tread channels ice and snow at the same time as the randomly located studs bite into the ice and snow to give you traction.

Winter studded tires are not restricted to cars, trucks and SUVs. Think again. Hard-core X Games style alternative sport athletes are taking winter technologies into the woods and trail systems. You can now get high performance winter-season bicycle studded tires for trail riding in the most blue-ice mountain trail conditions.

Studded Tire Fitments Performance And Safety

* Avoid Flat Tire And Dangerously Low Tire Aire Pressure. When the snow hits and the road crews are unable to plow or salt-away the ice and muck, your winter studded tires will be road-tested in the level 10 code red driving conditions. It just doesn't get worse. In order to maintain performance and safety, be aware that winter temperature drops create substantial performance and safety risks unless you maintain recommended PSI tire air pressures. A drop of 10-degrees F = 1-degree F drop in your studded tire air pressures. Losing 5-10 degrees of PSI seriously impacts driving safety.

* Matching OEM Tire Spec For Your Vehicle. Studded tire fitments mirror the overall wheel after-market. Online discount tire sellers can match virtually any OEM spec make or model of car, truck or SUV . Studded tire diameters range from 14" to over 20", and tread widths range from near 5" on up. You've got all the choice in after market product that you'll need to stay "mobile" during the winter driving season.


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