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Locate the top SUV tires for your vehicle. Get specs and info on top selling Michelin and Goodyear SUV tire models, fitment guide, installation, and maintenance.

SUV Tires Market Trends

You can improve the look, stance, driving performance and safety of your vehicle by upgrading your SUV tires.

* Limited Performance OEM Tires. The biggest vehicle trend in recent years has been the 4WD, AWD and SUV entries with virtually every vehicle manufacturer entering the market. Drivers are discovering, however, that OEM SUV tires are performance-limited when compared to the high performance after market products offered by firms such as Michelin, Goodyear, Yokohama, Bridgestone and the other major brands.

SUV Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

* Most Makes And Models. After market SUV tire fitments are available for virtually every domestic and foreign produced SUV, light truck or 4X4 vehicle. Sizes and fitments range from 15" to 23" wheels.

* Designs For Enhanced Tire Traction. SUV tire tread widths and tread design is where the major differences occur between competing models. While widths may range from 6" to over 10", your after market SUV tire also displays key differences in tread design, reflecting load-carrying capacity, speed rating, and whether you'll be driving on dry, wet, mud, snow, ice, sand or combination of fluid and changing surface.

* All Season SUV Tires. It's all about SUV tire tread design. You'll see between two to three deep channels molded into the rubber, with cross-hatching patterning over the outer surface. All it takes is a typical mid-summer rain storm to see how the deep channels force surface water away from your tires, re-directing it and forcefully evacuating the water out the channels. Water clears out leaving your vehicle with virtually full surface contact with the road, and with a reduced risk of hydro-planing.

Guideline For SUV Plus-Sizing And Safety Issues

* Looks Versus Safety Factors. A lot of drivers want a more aggressive look, so they turn to after market plus size SUV tires, looking to inch-up as much as 3 inches or more.

* Advice On Plus Size Tires. Here's the deal on how to safely plus-size. Your vehicle's OEM specs for total wheels and tires diameter should not be exceeded by 3%. This means that as you increase wheel size, you're going to have to select a lower profile tire.

* Four Matched Replacement Tires For Safety Reasons . Next, make sure you buy an identically matched set of four or you may cause transmission or even braking computer system mal-functioning as varying wheel rotations cause your microprocessor to "mis-read". Add to these technical issues the need to equally transmit power to all four wheels with AWD and 4WD vehicles and you're beginning to see the picture's complexity.


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