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Go beyond OEM equipment with your set of Toyo tires and wheels, for all vehicles ranging from sport cars and light trucks and SUVs to commercial trucks, buses and off road vehicles.

Handling and cornering performance doesn't get better than with Toyo tires. Decades long design and manufacturing experience combined with track racing R & D tests mark Toyo tires as the premier aftermarket specialist in the youth and compact sport segment.

Toyo Tire Sizes And Fitments

* Toyo Wide Sizes And Fitment Options. You can get your Toyo tire replacements for wheel sizes including 14", 15", 16", 17", 18" on up to 22", which covers virtually all the major sizing groups for car, truck and SUV's. Special innovative new product designs for the light truck and construction segment include the patented steel belted M-55, which is rated for multiple terrain usages as well as mud and snow ( M & S) rated.

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* Race Track Design Proving Ground. Getting intelligently designed products to you includes both lab and test track engineering inputs, along with feedback from Toyo tires sponsorship of the Formula Drift Series as well as being the official designated tire for the Speed World events.

In addition to customized purpose-built designs, Toyo tires commits its design and engineering teams to close collaboration with their counterpart designers in the vehicle manufacturer segment in order to match engineering specifications for the related components such as suspension and body.

Toyo Performance And Safety Commitment

* How To Buy Totyo Tires. Due to a broad distributor network of online and offline authorized sellers, you can buy high quality discount Toyo truck tires, yet achieve the same high performance standards for terrain or load-carrying strength that you'd expect from your OEM equipment.

* Superiority Over OEM Tire Specs. The difference between an aftermarket performance Toyo tire and OEM gear is that factory-issue tires are specified as a relatively thin, low weight product with minimum rolling resistance. Get more info at Toyo 800.678.3250 or

* Getting Matched Set Of Replacement Tires. However, when you want rugged performance and long tread life and durability, you go for high performance aftermarket Toyo tires. Go for a matched set of four, and then make sure you get your wheels and tires balanced, properly aligned with front and back suspension (especially the camber, caster, and toe angles in order to "square off").

* Keeping Tire Air Pressure Balanced In All Weather. And, once your replacements are properly fitted, make sure that you stay "smart" and keep air pressures at the correct psi, especially in the North American and European markets where seasonal temperature changes can radically alter your ambient tire pressures from day to day


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