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Get top replacement tractor tires online. Discount tractor tire prices on major brands including Firestone and Goodyear plus tips on service and maintenance.

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Whether you've got 100 acres or 1 acre of land under cultivation, you need performance tractor tires sized to your tractor and carrying a tread design correct for your soil and working conditions.

* Tip On OEM Replacement Tire Buying. Industry experts recommend that your replace your used tractor tire with an OEM-equivalent one, in terms of size and general treads pattern. Moving too far outside original equipment manufacturer specifications could result in lowered performance from your tractor.

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* Assessing Load Carrying Capability. Load carrying for radial tractor tires is addressed by engineering and design folks who rate, say, a Firestone tractor tire based on load stress factors on a min-to-max basis. Rubber compound formulations include radial belting along with imbedded toughening agents which can include steel, nylon, polyester, Kevlar and associated materials known for their long term robustness under heavy load working conditions.

Tread designs for tractor tires echo the design objective for automotive mud or snow tires. Deep channeling or asymmetric yet deep tread designs combine to force or evacuate dirt, stones or other material from underneath the wheels. You get improved surface contact, greater grip and improved performance.

* Adding Chains For Grip In Mud Sand Snow. If you anticipate working in unstable conditions where there's a build up of mud, stones, sand, ice, snow, vegetable matter or other materials, then you can adapt your rig for optimal performance by installing custom-sized tractor tire chains on front and back.

Maintenance And Safety Considerations

* Avoid Flat Tires Thru "Scheduled Maintenance". Tractor tires, like their counterparts for cars, bicycles , motorcycles , light trucks and SUV s need to be periodically examined for presence of cuts or slow leaks.

* Regularly Checking Tire Air Pressure For Safety And Performance. OEM specs for tire air pressures should be regularly verified, especially in the spring and late fall when temperatures are either rising or falling dramatically. Rule of thumb on tractor tire air pressures is that any increase or decrease of 10-degrees F will result in a 1-degree F move in internal air pressures. Cold weather induced low tractor tire air pressure significantly affects handling and performance and could result in damage to your wheel.


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