Truck Tires - Light Trucks, 4X4 or Commerical Tire Options

Learn about replacement truck tires and OEM guidelines. Wide product choices from all terrain truck tires to heavy load special purpose designs by Michelin, Goodyear and other truck tire manufacturers.

Picking your next set of truck tires presents a great opportunity to upgrade your truck's looks as well as boost your driving performance. So, what are your truck tire choices these days and how do you go about selecting the right product for your vehicle?

Truck Tire Treads And Technologies

* Right Product For Your Driving Needs. Take a moment to determine the primary use that you have in mind. For example, Goodyear or Michelin truck tires are designed with a wide range of rubber formulations to match usages such as hot weather, need for traction, long tread wear, heavy loads, cut prevention, or cold weather use. Where do you fit within this range, and make sure you designate your needs early on in your tire research.

Truck Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

* Tire Tread Designs - Purpose Engineering. Tread design for 4X4 truck tires varies like a Chinese menu. If you intend driving your 4WD or AWD vehicle in heavy mud, snow, ice, sand or worksite muck, then you'll likely need the deep-channel truck tires which utilize your vehicle's weight and downward pressure to force or evacuate slippery material out the channels. By channeling the muck and debris from beneath your wheels, you gain a far greater surface contact and grip from your truck tires.

* Unique Hot Weather Design Features. Hot weather dry country environs create altogether different design issues. Tire melt or softening rather than deep grip become key issues which an asymmetric tread pattern can address. Your product keys here lie in the quality and nature of the truck tires construction materials, especially the cords used to reinforce the various rubber compounds layered together. Strength of your light truck tire and its load-carrying capability depend upon the mix of cord materials such as steel, fiberglass, polyester, nylon and rayon.

Truck Tire Fitments

* How To Buy OEM Replacement Tires As "Matched Set". Original equipment manufactures offer wheels sizes from 15" to 23" or higher. Regularly sized truck tires typically lie in the 16" to 20" range. At the extreme performance end are monster truck tires which combine radical looks, high stance, and extended track, street or off road usages.

* When You Want To Buy Plus Size Tires. For safety and performance sake, make sure that you buy a matched set of identically sized and rated truck tires, staying within 3% of your truck's OEM specified diameter ( wheel plus tire combined).





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