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Firestone Winterforce & UV snow tires allow you to add studs for added traction on ice. Both are pinned for #12 studs and include a tread design that minimizes tire noise.

Stop worrying about winter driving and discover how Firestone Winterforce & UV snow tires can get you to your destination safely when the roads are lousy.

Features of the Firestone Winterforce UV Tires

Firestone Winterforce UV tires come in a variety of sizes ranging from P215/65R16 to P265/70R16. You can check the Bridgestone website for a full list of winter tire sizes.

Firestone Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Bridgestone's Firestone Winterforce UV tires use 3-D sipe patterns on the tread to optimize contact between the tire and the road. Water and slush flow easily from the tire, in addition the tires are designed to handle mud during the winter thaw.

All Firestone Winterforce UV tires come with a limited five year warranty and the holes for #12 studs. Be sure to check your state laws regarding studded tires. Many states limit the months in which you can use studs or ban them completely.

Firestone Winterforce UV tires meet the criteria provided by both American and Canadian Rubber Associations. The tires are designed for outstanding traction and durability.

Firestone Winterforce Snow Tires for Your Passenger Cars

The key difference between the Firestone Winterforce UV and Firestone Winterforce snow tires are that the UV tires are for SUVs and trucks. If you drive a minivan or passenger car, you should look at Firestone Winterforce tires.

Advantage of Firestone Winterforce & UV Studded Tires

Consumer Reports offered an in depth look at snow tires and found that studded tires usually required a much shorter braking distance than studless tires. If you live in an area where deer and moose wander into the roads, studded tires can save your life.

If you choose Firestone Winterforce & UV studded tires, have the studs installed by a professional. Also make sure you install four matching winter tires. It's tempting to save money, but handling is not the same on unmatched snow tires.

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