Yokohama Tires - Yokohama Avid Performance Tire

Get the Yokohama tires advantage beneath you in dry, wet, snow, ice or off road conditions. There's a Yokohama tire for virtually OEM replacements and inch-up upgrades.

Yokohama Tires And Technology Advantage

* Industry Leading Tread Wear Warranty By Yokohama. How does the first-ever 80,000 mile tread wear warranty sound to you? Yokohama tires , first on the Baja 1000 track and first in tread compound development, brings its global leading business resources into full focus with the recent introduction of the Yokohama AVID TRZ tire.

* All Terrains All Season Yokohama Tire Designs. Looking for long life, safety and driving versatility? With Yookohama what you get is a three-season product equally adept in handling dry, wet or snow road surfaces for sedans to minivans. Design and engineering standards at Yokohama are world-class with testing ground in Japan, New Zealand and America in order to prove and refine tire tread designs and compounds.

Yokohama Tires - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

* Race Track And Baha Tire Proving Ground. Dry track Baja 1000 racing gives Yokohama tires yet another market test platform where their Yokohama Geolander line proved its stuff with recent wins in southern Mexico's toughest desert clime. More info on products is available at Yokohama.com.

* Winter Season Snow Tires. Yokohama winter tires take up the research and engineering insights originally developed in the Geolander and the new AVID TRZ all season line and apply them to the Ice Guard Series. Yokohama Ice Guards are deep grooved asymmetrical tread designs that utilize your vehicle's mass to channel or evacuate water, mud, snow, ice or muck from beneath your wheels, leaving a greater tire-to-road surface contact area. You stay in contact with the road, for better control, handling ease and safety.

* How To Buy Matched Set Replacement Tires. Yokohama AVID Touring tires, like the Parade and Geolander lines, come in a wide range of fitments. You can upgrade all four or get a perfect OEM replacement for most vehicle makes and models. Fitments range from 15" wheels on up through the truck and SUV size classes. With seasonal promotions you can occasionally locate approved incentive plans offering discount Yokohama tires on certain models.

Yokohama Tire Performance And Safety Tips

* Tip: Stay Within OEM Size Standards. Like all the world-class manufacturers, Yokohama tire company focuses on your driving performance and safety foremost. No matter whether you drive a 4WD, AWD, SUV or passenger car, you should always buy an identically matched set of four replacement tires, in order to be sure that your power distribution to each wheel is balanced.

* Tip: Wheel Balancing, Tire Air Pressure Monitoring. Next, get your replacements balanced and wheels aligned so that you get a true ride, with limited vibration and road noise. And, always check your psi air pressures, particularly when temperatures change. A 30-degree temperature drop can result in significant performance degradation and risk to you.


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