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Picking the right wheels for your car, truck or SUV means being aware of staggering choices in terms of size and look. Your car or truck can not only look great, but in some cases you'll get improved performance so long as you or your service guys understand the mechanics of wheel fitting and balancing.

Manufacturing Drives Quality

First things first. What's in your auto wheels that you need to know about before you begin your buying process? Design and manufacturing remains key to creating alloy wheels that will provide you with performance, integrity and great looks. For example, realize that the manufacturing process used for the top aluminum wheels calls for super heated aluminum to be forged in an industrial press at pressures beyond 13 million pounds per square inch in order to create the finished product.

Lower grade alloy wheels, although better priced for you, are created via two other standard industrial processes. Low pressure casting utilizes molten metal which is poured into a cast or mold, resulting in somewhat higher levels of impurity. Mag wheels produced via counter-pressure or vacuum sucking of molten metal into the mold result in yet again lower levels of impurities.

Sizing Guideline

How do you determine the best and safest sizing for your new SUV wheels or custom BMW wheels? To begin with, check the manufacturer's recommendations as well as your vehicle's operating manual for guidelines. Moving up from a 15" OEM wheel to a 22" alloy wheel may look "cool", but it could result in serious safety and performance liabilities. For example, an out-sized wheel creates a greater foot print which can create transmission shifting anomalies, which can also lead to reduced fuel economies. Also, plus-sizing your alloy wheels by buying a larger rim and a lower profile tire can interrupt brake system computer functioning, resulting in braking failure.

Rule of thumb for plus-sizing your prospective allow wheels is to keep within 3% of the original factory installed rims. That's combining wheel and tire for a total diameter measurement.

SUV wheels are one of BBS' specialties where you can get a 6-bolt hole 18" X 9" or even a 20"X9" rim in a brilliant anodized finish guaranteed to visually pop.

Design Options

Whether you're buying station wagon wheels or 22" mags for a racing Porsche, you'll have a Chinese menu of manufacturer brands, wheel types, sizes, and looks. 5-spoke or 6-spoke, mesh or steel, alloy or chrome, and more. Look carefully at the great product offerings by the top brands including Voxx, Racing Hart, Steel, OE Replica, OZ, Calli, Boss, Giovanna, Enkei, BBS, Alba, American Eagle, Black Racing, Konig, Momo and more.


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