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Get your high class wheel cover for cheap alloy wheels . See the many wheel trim options for UK wheel designs to improve your vehicle looks and performance.

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Consider upgrading your factory issue rims with a package of cheap alloy wheels and an up tempo wheel cover. You'll get improved looks, increased driving and handling performance, better sales value all at an affordable budget price point.

Wheel Cover Sizes And Finish Options

Wheel cover choices for your basic after-market UK wheels include reflective chrome and anodized alloy finish, as well as bronze, gold, graphite, black and certain custom colour options. You might consider matching your wheel cover colour either to your alloy wheel surface finish or even to the body work colour of your car, SUV , lorry, RV or camper van.

Wheel cover sizes correspond to the dimensions of your underlying alloy wheels. In Britain, rim diameters range commonly from 13" to 17", with widths ranging from 5.5" to 7.0" or greater. Notwithstanding "averages", larger alloy wheels sizes in the 20" to 24" range are available on special order. Meanwhile, non alloys with great popularity include the 18 wheels of steel, an affordable product targeted for trucks, SUV's, trailers or for foul weather conditions when an inexpensive changeover rim is needed.

When honing in on your final preferred wheel cover, remember to study your hub construction and wheel bolt pattern, in order to ensure that you get a "true" fit.

Special Models

Wheel covers match many of the major factory brand UK wheels for models produced by Ford, Vauxhall, Cooper and others. Meanwhile, import alloy wheels destined for Audi, BMW , Mercedes, Porsche and other makes might also provide you with some great design ideas for matching your wheel cover.



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