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Pick American Wheels and Tires for up market high performance replacement rims. Get the sizes and finish in alloy wheels right for your model.

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Considering upgrading your rims to better your look, performance and re-sale value? If so, then you can rely upon American wheels and tires to handle your upgrade from factory issue rims and tires to a new fresh look.

American Wheels Sizes And Bolt Hole Patterns

With American wheels you can plus-size or down-size depending upon the look and driving conditions you're trying to match. Let's look at the customer choices available to you. Overall, you can pick American wheels in 14" to 17" diameters. Within each diameter, you can specify a particular width. For example, you can get 15" X 10" or 15" X 7" or 15" X 6" or even 15" X 4", all 5-bolt hole rims to match your hubs. Similar options are offered by American wheels in the polished 17" segment where you can plus-size to 17" X 11" or 17" X 8" or even 17" X 7", also 5-bolt hole rims.

Wheel Balancing, Installation And Alignment

In order to guarantee a smooth vibration free ride, you need to make sure that your American wheels are balanced for even rotation. In order to create a tight and true fit to your hubs, you should ask your installer to include a hub ring. Last, you need to make sure that the primary suspension elements namely caster, camber and toe are micro-adjusted to the narrowest tolerance in order to create proper alignment and rotational line.

If your car, truck or SUV wheels are going to be plus-sized in order to achieve a hot look, then you need to get 4 identically sized rims and avoid the temptation of creating a dragster look with low front rims and large diameter back rims. While the aesthetics are seriously street-cool, you set up performance issues that can affect shift points in your transmission's functioning, which in turn impact fuel use. A more critical issue in plus-sizing American wheels onto your rig is that the change in length of rotation can influence or even confuse your braking system computers and sensors, potentially resulting in braking failure.



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