ATV Wheels - ATV Tires and Rims for Four Wheelers

If you want tough, then reach for custom ATV wheels for your truck, SUV or fat tire ATV plow and backcountry vehicle. Getting your rim and tire package right means that you can tackle virtually any road or wilderness track condition.

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ATV Wheels - Sizes, Designs And Finish

Purpose-built, ATV wheels for pure off road vehicles and working rigs like plows are industry plus-sized in the 26" to 27" diameter range.

These outsized rims pack great widths in the over 10" range and are generally paired with aggressive tires. You get serious gripping power to directly convert torque into biting action and forward movement for your ATV in snow, mud, sand or water conditions.

ATV wheels , like their off road brethren, are designed and built to be tough under hard working conditions such as plowing, grading, pulling or cranking along in tough rock and tree root terrain. Not surprisingly, these rough-and-ready rim and tire packages are built with limited interior designs and spoke architecture, relying instead on virtually solid inner core of these 2 or 3 piece construction off road wheels.

Yet, your ATV wheels can carry some "flavor" in terms of surface finishes which include silver, black, chrome, aluminum or even camouflage design.

ATV Wheels - Sizes And Fitments And Safety Guidelines

In general, your replacement ATV rim and tire combination will match your original factory issue equipment. You'll match a 27" rim to the original 27" OEM size. However, if your truck, SUV or other vehicle will be plus-sized, then you need to understand some industry thinking on the way to scale up your rim and tire package.

With ATV wheels, you shouldn't exceed 3% of the original factory diameters or you may encounter some operating issues that might prove costly and embarrassing. Consider the following: your over-sized ATV rims will very likely cause your speedometer and odometer to give you false readings, which will not be persuasive to a highway patrolman as he listens to your lament.

Next, fuel economy may drop as your transmission develops different shift points.

Meanwhile, plus-sizing ATV wheels could result in safety issues where your braking system microprocessors and wheel sensors fail to "recognize" your new rims, accordingly create a braking failure.

When fitting ATV wheels, ask your rim technician to balance the wheel and tire along with insuring that you set of four wheels are properly aligned in terms of suspension angles (camber, caster, and toe).



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