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Find out how to customize and upgrade your auto wheels and tires. Learn about sizing and safety issues, how to pick the best custom wheels in terms of manufacturing processes, and more.

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Sometimes those factory rims just don't cut it. The Detroit or Asian manufacturers see car wheels as a cost constraint rather than a styling and performance opportunity. So, what do you do about it, if you want your car or truck or SUV to look cool yet not introduce any safety liabilities?

Auto Wheels Product Options

The good news is that the auto wheels after market has become a Chinese menu of specialization following consumer buying trends. Custom wheels can be researched and bought either online or at local shops in sizes ranging from 8" to 24". Auto wheels widths also reflect staggering choices for you to sort out, from 3.75" width to over 14', with the main market buys in the 5" to 6" width range.

How To Plus-Size Your Auto Wheels

When looking to plus-size, say, a set of mag wheels , you need to be smart about the overall resulting wheel-tire diameter and ensure that you're not more than 3% greater than the standard factory rims originally issued by Detroit. One way to understand this relationship is to see that as your auto wheels increase in size, you must correspondingly reduce your tire size.

What happens if you ignore the 3% rule and go for a "wide stance" look? Maybe nothing, but then maybe something far more serious. You see, out-sized custom wheels set up a different roll pattern which could result in disrupting your transmission shift points due to "mis-reading" your vehicle's forward motion. You'll get different shift points and potentially reduced fuel economy. Perhaps more critical is the impact on your braking system computers from out-sizing your auto wheels. Your on-board microprocessors regularly handle thousands of data inputs each second. Alter your custom wheels outside 3% of the factory diameters and you might well be setting yourself up for a braking failure.

Accidents created by non-warranty after-market car wheels could leave you holding the bag in terms of insurance claims for all parties.

Sized correctly, even a set of off road wheels will come in under the bar in terms of the 3% rule. Also, always buy a matching set of 4 car wheels and don't be tempted to only buy rear end or only front end, as you'll create all sorts of performance issues.

Finish And Spoke Pattern Choices

Spoke patterns for after market auto wheels vary from 4's to 8's, finished in steel gray, pewter, titanium or even chrome. In addition to brands such as 5 th wheels, you can look into manufacturers such as Voxx, Racing Hart, Steel, OE Replica, OZ, Calli, Boss, Giovanna, Enkei, BBS , Alba, American Eagle, Black Racing, Konig, Momo and more.



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