Axis Wheels - Rim wheel and tire package

If you have a particular "look" in mind, then you can go with Axis wheels or tires for your replacement or plus-sizing makeover. Axis wheels give you a wide range of design and cost options to choose from.

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Available Designs And Spoke Choices

Take shape for example. With Axis wheels , you can dive into the deep end of design option, selecting from 4-spoke or 5-spoke wheels, or even move up to 10-spoke or multi-spoke mesh wheels.

Choices for finish on Axis wheels range from deep graphite gray and near black to anodized lighter shades of aluminum associated with classic alloy wheel appearances.

Axis wheels are your true custom rim and you can plus-size your vehicle from a wide size selection offered by Axis and its online distributors. Low and wide products include 15" X 7" models or, moving up in size 19" X 8" wheels and potentially larger.

Atlas wheels will fit most vehicles, however you need to know your vehicle type and whether it's front wheel or rear wheel or all wheel drive. Also, know your hub assembly so that you can specify the bolt pattern that fits your vehicle, such as 4-bolt or 5-bolt.

With any replacement or plus-sizing, you'll want your Axis wheels to match all around. Four new rims, all same size or you may create performance problems. In terms of determining new sizing, stay within the industry guideline of no more than 3% increase on the overall wheel and tire diameter as compared with the original factory issue rims.


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