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Look to BBS wheel and tires, the market leader in high performance auto, truck, SUV and competition rims. Get sizing info and guide to upgrading your vehicle.

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BBS wheels give you more than great looks. Performance on the street or out on the track or off road with your SUV is what makes BBS wheels and tires a market choice. What are your choices in BBS rims, in terms of wheel diameters, widths, bolt hole patterns and exterior finish?

Wide Range of Style And Finish Options

Style marks your choice menu with BBS wheels . You can choose from 4-spoke to 8-spoke or even multi-spoke and mesh wheels to create either a retro or ultra-modern street-hard look. BBS rim diameters range across the board, in order to broadly match the equally wide range of factory issue or OEM wheels put on when your vehicle was manufactured. While BBS wheels get picked for Formula I racing cars, you don't need track rims, but then you might like the look and feel of 17" X 9.5" rims on your car or truck.

SUV wheels are one of BBS' specialties where you can get a 6-bolt hole 18" X 9" or even a 20"X9" rim in a brilliant anodized finish guaranteed to visually pop.

Plus Sizing BBS Wheels Buyers' Guide

Plus-sizing your rig with BBS wheels requires some planning. While seeking a new "look" you need to stay within industry guidelines, in particular the 3% rule which simply states that your replacement plus-size rim and tires must not exceed 3% of the original equipment diameter or you may pose risks to your transmission and braking systems.

Let's explain the concept. As you increase rims and tires your transmission "reads" rotation differently and will potentially create different shift points, which could disrupt transmission functioning plus cause a drop in fuel economy. More serious is the risk posed by plus-sizing your rims to your braking system computers and sensors, which potentially could result in braking failure. You definitely do not want to be in an accident and then find yourself "holding the bag" with full financial responsibility because you've broken the manufacturer's warranty as well as the insurer's obligations.

Key here when upgrading with BBS wheels is to buy 4 identically sized rims, and then make sure that your wheel technician uses a high quality hub ring to true the fit between your wheel and hub. Also, getting your wheel balanced and then making sure that the three suspension components of caster, camber and toe and carefully integrated in order that you get "true" alignment and maximum wheel and tire performance.



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