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No matter whether you're driving a 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series or a Z4 "Beemer", you've got a huge selection in high performance BMW wheels. Upgrade and plus-size or simply replace your factory issue OEM wheels, however keep your buyer's discipline.

Plus Sizing Your BMW Wheels

Plus-sizing your BMW wheels requires that you select wheel-tire combinations for each model and BMW hub. For 3 Series and Z3 -Z4 vehicles your plus-size range covers 15" to 19" wheels. BMW 5 and 7 Series cars ranges from 16" to 19" rims.

How do you determine the optimal plus-size range for your Beemer rims? Like the other high end German competitor Mercedes wheels, BMW rims' range relates to the 3% market rule where your total plus-size diameter should not exceed 3% of the original factory issue tire-and-rims diameter.

Consider the following safety and performance factors: out-sized BMW wheels set up different shift points for your transmission due to increased rolling rotational length, which could impact transmission performance and fuel economy. A related impact of plus-sizing your Beemer rims is that your braking system computers and ABS sensors may potentially mis-read your rotation and line of direction, resulting in brake system failure.

Best Manufacturing Produces The Best BMW Product

Pick the highest quality BMW wheels by selecting only forged-process wheels rather than low pressure injection molded rims, unless you're committed to an intricate spoke design only available via casting. Producing a custom wheel via the forging process means that your finished product is lowest in impurities, due to the staggeringly high heat and pressure production technologies of over 10 million pounds per square inch. Low pressure injection molded custom wheels typically contain higher levels of impurities which impact structural integrity, although such rims are clearly more affordable.

Keeping your Beemer within the manufacturer's warranty should be a priority. Noting this, you should avoid any "style" impulse to mis-match front versus back wheels when upgrading. In other words get 4 matched rims or none at all. A larger BMW wheel will mean that you'll have to select a lower profile tire in order to stay within the 3% rule recommended by motor industry professionals.

Fitments Balancing Alignment And Installation

Some custom racing wheels ranging from 17" up to 22" may be modified to match your BMW hub, however you'll need professional assistance. Make sure your technician uses a hard plastic or metal hub ring in order to obtain a true fit, and to avoid vibration and wheel balancing problems which will impact performance and tire life. A 2 -3 degree misalignment in any one of the suspension elements (caster, camber, and toe) could rob you of valuable performance from your new BMW wheels plus cost you serious money.



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