Wheels, Tires - Tips On Buying, Sizing, Safety

Learn technical and practical tips for buying replacement wheels and tires. See industry guidelines for wheel sizing and tire maintenance tips for improving safety and performance.

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When buying wheels and tires in order to modify the look of your car, truck or SUV you want to be smart not only with design and money matters but equally practical with safety and performance factors. Let's review below the hot topics that most matters when you enter the market for wheels.

Basic Wheel Types - Materials And Construction

Quality in wheel construction matters. Your best wheels in the after market will be ones which are forged, in 1 to 3-piece construction. Forging takes a source metal ingot such as aluminum and subjects it to staggering temperatures and pressures of over 10 million pounds per square inch. You get a remarkably high quality wheel, with only traces of impurities remaining.

Custom wheel casting technologies have dramatically improved, and generally offer rim designer considerably more flexibility in developing radical, cool and sophisticated wheel architectures. Low pressure casting or counter pressure vacuum casting may permit incrementally higher impurities level, however offset that with design flexibility and a wider range of price points to suit more buyers like yourself.



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