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Customizing your truck or auto with chrome wheels sets you apart from factory issue rims plus creates a hot look that will increase your vehicle's value and performance. What do you look for in chrome or alloy wheels in terms of quality control in manufacturing?

Manufacturing's Role In Chrome Wheel Quality

Alloy and chrome wheels manufacturing typically reflects three different QC (quality control) manufacturing processes. The best quality chrome wheel will be based on a high pressure and high heat forging rather than molding process. What you get is closer tolerances, less impurities, greater strength and reliability. Lesser quality approaches to be aware of include low pressure cast-molding or counter pressure vacuum molding cannot typically claim the same performance standards as forged alloy wheels.

The better metallurgy shops will create the finished chrome wheel by a dipping and annealing process to bind the chrome material to the wheel's surface.

You can "finish" off your chrome wheels by ordering inexpensive chrome plated caps for your lug nuts.

Guide To Plus-Sizing Your Chrome Wheels

Like most drivers seeking to customize your vehicle, you'll likely seek to plus-size your chrome wheels in order to widen your vehicle's stance. However, no matter whether you're buying an upgrade for street-driving or racing wheels for more aggressive use, you'll need to stick to the 3% rule, namely that as your wheel size increases your tire size must decrease in order to stay within 3% of the original factory issue wheel and tire diameters. Plus-sizing your mag wheels from 17" to 24" creates significant safety and performance issues which you need to be conscious of as you and your technician plan your purchase.

Chrome wheel sizes may range from 8" to 24". Meanwhile, widths could vary from 3.75" to as much as 14", with the more common plus-size after market such as Giovanna wheels sized in the 4" to 6" width range.

Bolt patterns for your new chrome wheels need to match your hubs. You can order any number of major brand wheels with provision for between 4 to 8 bolts, with some wheels capable of fitting several bolt patterns.

Depending upon your budget and vehicle type, you've got big time selections of chrome wheels to match any truck, car or SUV on the market.


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