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Getting the top custom wheels for you car or truck means that you'll be doing some technical research in order to get the deal that's also the safest for you and your transport. Unlike souvenir sized car replicas hot wheels for collectors and young auto enthusiasts, buying a serious American racing wheel concerns not only serious money but also some serious fitting and balancing.

Product Options Based On Manufacturing

Let's look at custom wheels in the broadest context of quality choices. What's out there, what do you look and ask for, and do you find it? Huge choices and wheel deals galore. Cut through the sales hype and understand that the top quality US or foreign custom wheels will be those designs, especially alloys that have been forged rather than cast-molded.

Forging takes the core metal ingot and then shapes it under staggering pressures and heat into your custom wheel. Impurities are reduced to insanely low levels. The process is nothing if not intense, and you'll pay top dollar for top quality. However, if you want the look of Hart racing wheel but can't come up with the bucks, you'll have back-up choices of custom wheels which have been produced by low pressure cast molding or counter pressure vacuum molding processes, each carrying slightly different output standards of flaw and impurities, however a distinctly lower price.

Sizes And Fitment Options

What's out there in terms of custom wheel sizes? Grab your coffee cup and sit back, because your choices are huge. You can get custom wheels ranging in diameter from 8" to 24". Your width aspect also varies enormously in custom wheels for auto, truck or SUV , with low side widths at 3.75" widening to a jaw-dropping 14.0 " model.

Another buyer's decision factor includes whether your vehicle is all wheel drive, front wheel drive, or rear wheel drive.

Custom wheel patterns should be exhibited at the National Gallery in Washington D.C., given the remarkable choices available to you these days in the automotive after-market. 5-spoke, 6-spoke, 7-spoke, or even 8-spoke custom wheels in assorted stylings are being marketed by the major manufacturers such as Voxx, Racing Hart, Steel, OE Replica, OZ, Calli, Boss, Giovanna, Enkei, BBS, Alba, American Eagle, Black Racing, Konig, Momo and more.

You're not done yet. You'll have to check your hub for the right bolt pattern if you're going to buy four Diablo SUV wheels and swap out your current set. You'll have choices ranging from 4-bolt 108mm spacing to 8-bolt 165mm spacing. However, some custom product arrives with multiple bolt patterns in order to fit a wider range of vehicles.


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