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Get market leader Diablo wheels for your truck or SUV. Multiple sizes, spoke patterns and finish for your Diablo wheel from full service online dealers.

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How do you want your truck or SUV to really look? If improved styling and performance are what you're seeking then look over the rim selection from Diablo wheels and tires.

Style And Finish Options

Styling choices from Diablo wheels run the gamut, from 5-spoke and 6-spoke rims on up to 10-spoke rims. Pick the look that will best set the look for your SUV or truck.

Hard street and track "look" can be found in the graphite gray 5-spoke minimalist design Diablo wheels. If the hard-charging look takes a back seat to your preference for sheer ornate style, then you'll have a number of 10-spoke Diablo wheels to select from, in terms of aluminum and graphite finish.

How To Buy Plus Size Diablo Wheels

When ordering performance custom wheels, you need to first know the diameter of your existing factory issue rims and tires, along with the bolt pattern which may be 4s, 5s, 6s or 8s. Your guiding measurement is 3%, which means that your new Diablo wheels and tire package must not exceed 3% of the original factory diameters. You may ask "why?" The answer is multipart. To begin with plus-sized alloy wheels typically set up a different rotation pattern (length) which may cause your transmission to alter your shift points, and create extra fuel consumption issues. More critically, out sized Diablo wheels exceeding 3% can cause braking system computer and sensor mis-firing, resulting in braking system error and accident.

When buying aluminum wheels and tire packages, make sure you buy 4 matched rims. Each Diablo wheel needs to be meticulously balanced and your wheels must be carefully positioned within the suspension in order to create as near-to-perfect alignment (caster, camber, and toe) as possible. You want to avoid vibration, road noise, and unnecessary wear and tear on your tires and custom wheels.

You're not done yet. You'll have to check your hub for the right bolt pattern if you're going to buy four Diablo SUV wheels and swap out your current set. You'll have choices ranging from 4-bolt 108mm spacing to 8-bolt 165mm spacing. However, some custom product arrives with multiple bolt patterns in order to fit a wider range of vehicles.


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