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Get guaranteed quality, huge selection from Enkei wheels and tires. Style, finish, performance reliability and safety in aluminum and compsosite alloy wheels.

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Enkei wheels offer you solid reasons for upgrading your factory issue OEM rims and tires. You can get a cool new bold and sophisticated look, plus rely on the engineering expertise of Enkei's global leadership in the after market of custom alloy wheels to create a safe and high performance ride.

Enkei Global Credibility

With over 4000 employees internationally committed to design and production excellence, Enkei wheels delivers on value and performance throughout America, Britain and Asia. You'll be 100% confident in the mechanical integrity of your new Enkei rims when you realize that Enkei wheels are the original equipment rims for manufacturers including Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda and others. You're in good company.

Enkei Sizes Designs And Finish

Key to your choices in Enkei wheels, which range from 15" to 22" or greater diameter forged or alloy wheels. Enkei's market categories for you to match against include truck and SUV 's, racing, luxury, and performance custom wheels .

Finishes range from chrome and silver to darker tones such as graphite. Spoke patterns flourish from hard-edged minimalist 5-spoke wheels to stylish split-6 spoke rims used in performance cars where additional brake caliper clearance is required.

Enkei wheels are designed in order to reflect the technology advantages that casting maintains over the forging process. Cast composite alloy wheels allow Enkei designers to evolve increasingly unique rim details, at the same time as they reduce overall wheel weight, in line with current market trends to increase overall wheel and tire sizes. Many of the proprietary technologies created at Enkei wheels originate out on the race track due to Enkei's sponsorship in Formula I racing.

Bottom line, you can get 1-piece cast aluminum wheels equivalent in quality to Enkei forged rims to match virtually any model of production car , truck or SUV. Remember to upgrade with four matching rims, and use the best wheel service technicians available to you in order to get a balanced wheel, good true fit on your hubs, and a careful alignment with your vehicle's suspension components.


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