HRE Wheels - Wheel and Tire Replacements

HRE wheels offer track inspired design and performance. Get your HRE wheel and tire replacements and learn about the many top styles and finishes in custom aluminum wheels for car, truck or SUV.

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Track inspired designs make HRE wheels your top upgrade option when plus-sizing or revamping your car, truck or SUV's appearance. Specializing in 3-piece construction, HRE wheels offers a range of highly engineered up market rims for sports cars, luxury vehicles, SUVs and custom truck owners.

What are some of the core sizes and finishes you can expect from HRE wheels ? The Vista, CA firm specializes in multi-option aluminum wheel designs and finishes including high polish, custom painted rims, clear coat, anodized black, silver paint and more. Your HRE wheels can also be color-matched with center hub caps custom painted red white and blue, silver and black, or even white.

Recognizing the market trend towards larger designer rims, HRE wheels offers you a number of model series to choose from in order to get the right size and the right look for your rig. You can plan generally on split 6 spoke wheels offered in sizes from 18" to 20" diameters and in widths ranging from 7.5" to 13".

Determine Correct Wheel And Tire Size

In order to determine the right or best size of replacement HRE wheel for your vehicle, you need to be aware that your original equipment specs reflect a number of system components focused on movement, braking, safety, balance and so on.

What does this mean? The short answer is that your HRE wheels upgrade should be based on new rim plus tire diameters that do not exceed 3% of the original factory issue diameters. What happens if you ignore this guideline? Maybe nothing, maybe something. " Something" typically includes changes in the readings you get from your speedometer and odometer ( "but, officer, I was only traveling.." ).

Next, your transmission may "read" your line of rotation differently, resulting in altered shift points, which in turn impact fuel consumption. Most critical in plus-sizing HRE wheels is the potential impact on your braking system computers and sensors, which could result in a nasty braking failure.

When you finally settle on one of the HRE wheel models, have your technician balance the wheel and then carefully "tune' your alignment ( caster, camber and toe) as well as consider the use of a hub ring to ensure the truest fit. Doing these set-up steps means that you'll reduce or even eliminate any vibration, road noise and performance issues.



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