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Four wheel drive enthusiasts know that custom made Jeep wheels can make a performance difference, no matter if you're in suburban neighborhood settings or backcountry dirt tracks. See the wide selection of Jeep rims and tire packages are available to fit all Jeep models.

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Size And Design Choices

In addition to street-level style, Jeep wheels give you some critical performance advantages in order to enable your vehicle to handle any road condition that you're likely to face, from straight flat dry desert to monsoonal rain wash to an access logging road. Sizes for Jeep wheels range from 14" to over 20" diameters. Rim widths also vary, from 5.5" to over 10" wide rims, giving you the opportunity to create a "wide stance" with your Jeep.

Your next decision area when upgrading your Jeep wheels concerns design or cut. Subject to your budget and any OEM constraints unique to your Jeep model, you can select rims with single spoke architecture in, say, 4s or 5's or even 10s. Similarly, spoke patterns can reflect split-spoke design or deep lip or contrasting convex shaped rims.

Jeep wheels finish options include graphite, silver, chrome , bronze, gold, black, anthracite and even more tones to give you the match you're seeking.

Jeep Wheels Sizing And Fitments And Safety Issues

If you want to plus-size your Jeep's rim and tire , then you need to consider certain performance and safety issues. For one, plus-sizing your Jeep wheels greater than 3% of factory issue diameters can potentially mean that your speedometer and odometer give you inaccurate readings.

Next, over-sizing wheels can affect your transmission's functioning, altering shift points and impacting fuel economy.

Meanwhile, a potentially serious safety issue occurs in that over-sizing your Jeep wheels could result in microprocessor anomalies within your braking system computer and wheel sensor interface, resulting in braking failure.


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