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Konig wheels means total style commitment. Get your Konig wheel replacements in a wide range of styles, sizes and finishes in custom alloy wheels.

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Are you committed to style? If so then turn to Konig wheels and get not only head-turning style but also on-the-road performance and reliability. Konig wheels can match virtually any production car, truck or SUV based on the many fitment options you have.

Size Design And Finish Options

Your size options, namely diameter and width, range from 15" X 7" rims for passenger cars to the more beefy 5-spoke opal finished 20" X 10" rims available for larger curb weight vehicles.

Get yourself a deep lip machine faced set of Konig wheels and then see the difference. Spoke pattern vary from 5-spoke to race track evolved 7-spoke rims finished in your choice of bronze or silver. Other Konig wheel surface treatments range from darker graphite colors to even heavier styled finishes in red, green or silver.

Buyers' Guide To Plus-Sizing Alloy Wheels

Look at your own factory issued rims first, before researching replacement rims. What's your present wheel and tire set in terms of specifications including overall diameter. Know that number and then understand that you should target Konig wheels that will stay within 3% of the diameter of your original factory issue rims and tires.

Let's explain the concept contained by the 3% rule. As you increase rim size from, say, 15" to perhaps 18", you need to proportionately reduce the profile of your tire to within an overall 3% factor of OEM equipment specs. Failure to keep within these limits means that your speedometer and odometer won't record data accurately.

Next, your transmission may "read" wheel and tire rotation differently, creating changes in your shift points, which in turn impact fuel performance. More serious however is the potential negative impact on your brake system computers and sensors, which could malfunction and lead to braking failure and an accident.

Konig wheels will give you the style upgrade and mechanical and engineering integrity. The rest is up to you. Make sure to get a full set of four replacement rims, all the same size and avoid the temptation to "hot rod" your car or SUV if you want to avoid performance and warranty liability issues.


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